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Birthdate:Sep 23
Location:Illinois, United States of America
My name is Erika, I'm 33, and I currently live in a northern suburb of Chicago. I spent the year of March 2012 - March 2013 living in Phoenix, Arizona completing a service year for AmeriCorps. I fell in love with the city and area and would love to move back permanently at some point! This is me:

low res_Erika + Gracie_30


I am married and my husband stayed here in our home in the suburbs of Chicago while I was in Phoenix for the year. He was going to move with me, but right before Christmas of 2011 he was offered a terrific job opportunity that we both felt he shouldn't turn down. So we successfully completed the long-distance thing for a year; he came to visit a couple times, and I came back to visit a couple times. I reference him a bit in my journal. This is my husband at our wedding, on the right -- his little bro is on the left with the longer hair:

From Our Wedding - Incomplete Set

We have no children, but we do have 1 dog and 2 cats that we love very much. Well, I love the dog very much. My husband loves the dog slightly less. :) He's more of a cat person.

This is Gracie, our yellow Lab:

From Phoenix Shoot - High Res

From Kara Shultz Shoot 11.14

We adopted Gracie from a Lab rescue organization when she was 2.5 years old. Don't let anyone tell you there is "something wrong" with animals in rescue. She's a great dog.

This was our first cat, Kura (it's catnip all over her fact - she's like a crack addict with that stuff):

From Kura, Sep-Oct 2006

Kura very suddenly and unexpectedly passed away. She was only 6 years old, and we were planning to have her around for much longer than she was with us. My husband and I were shocked and heartbroken when she died, and we miss her very much.

This was our 2nd cat, Menard. He was found outside of a Menard's (if you aren't from the Midwest, a Menard's is sort of like a Lowe's or Home Depot's, down a notch or two) when he was a baby, trying to get in the store. Finally, a nice lady picked him up and took him home. I found him looking for a permanent home on Craigslist.

Copyright Notice

From Kara Shultz Shoot 11.14

My husband & I also have fostered cats for a rescue organization in the Chicago area, Illinois Doberman Rescue Plus. The "Plus" is because they also have the cat rescue section, and they will also take in other breeds of dogs, not just Dobes. We have fostered 2 cats.

Our first foster, Jackie:

From Lakewood 10.2.2010

Our second foster, Fat Albert:


We adopted a 2nd cat at the beginning of 2013. She was about 2-3 years old at time of adoption and we named her Rikku -- a friend suggested she looked like an anime character since she has a teensy head and big eyes (lol), and Rikku is a character from FFX, which my husband really loved.

From Kara Shultz Shoot 11.14

From Kara Shultz Shoot 11.14

And that's my family. :) I do mention the animals a lot. I love animals in general. I have volunteered regularly at a local animal shelter here in IL for several years before I moved to Phoenix. in addition, I've been involved in Lab rescue since we adopted Gracie. I volunteer with 2 orgs and I do home visits with Gracie, help with events and volunteer coordination, and we have fostered a couple times. Gracie is also a registered therapy dog through Pet Partners and we are part of the Caring Paws program at our local hospital where we go and visit patients about twice a month.


As for other general information, I have a masters degree in counseling psychology, which I'm doing very little with. I graduated in 2005, and worked a few odd jobs for awhile after graduation, then was employed for almost 4 years as an editor at a pharmaceutical marketing company. I was laid off in early February of 2010, and was unemployed for about 7 months. I then found a job in client services in the insurance industry.

When I turned 30, I was just feeling very unfulfilled in my career-life and like I was not doing anything meaningful. That was a big reason why I decided to apply for and accept the opportunity with AmeriCorps. I worked at a non-profit organization in Phoenix that works to provide college access to underprivileged youth, such as first-generation Americans, foster care kids, and the homeless during my service year.

Currently, now that I am back in Illinois, I am working part-time as a marketing/general assistant to a real estate agent, which is actually quite fun. It's definitely one of my favorite jobs ever.

I like to work out - I ran half-marathons in 2009, 2010, 2011, and 2014 - I would eventually like to complete a tri, but I'm a little scared of the swimming part. I'm interested in healthy living in general. I am a partial vegetarian - I guess you could call me a pescatarian - I still eat fish/seafood occasionally, but that's about it for the animal world.

My husband is an accountant. It's the perfect job for him, and he likes it pretty well. He has his CPA and works as a senior accountant in the corporate world.

I don't lead a very exciting life, and my journal entries probably aren't very interesting to most, but I do like to make new friends, so feel free to add me if you think we have things in common.
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