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Hi there! My journal is "friends mainly" -- most of my posts are friend-locked, but I will occasionally post a public entry.

I welcome new friends! I have a pretty decent description of myself and life over on my user info. Please feel free to take a look and if you think we have some things in common, just leave a comment to be added. I do prefer friends that are over 21.
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Several months ago, my LJ friend [livejournal.com profile] yummykit started a small business of illustrating animals. Her artwork is very beautiful and I thought I would love to get one done of Gracie, so I purchased one of her portraits at her Introductory Rate lol.

Gracie's portrait came in the mail today!

From Misc LJ Pics

From Misc LJ Pics

And because mine is just an iPhone quick picture I took when I opened the package, here is Kit's photo of it in higher quality:

From Misc LJ Pics

My friend Claudia in Phoenix took the picture this portrait is based off of at the photoshoot she did for me when I was there and she kindly gave permission for Kit to use it for her artwork...here is a comparison:

From Misc LJ Pics

I am so pleased with the illustration! I'm of course going to frame it and I think I will also frame Claudia's picture and hang it next to the illustration.

If you want a portrait of a special animal done, I would highly recommend Kit! You can find her on Facebook and on Instagram.
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I just made a very small friends cut -- basically, just people who haven't posted in a couple years or so.

If you ever meander back to LJ, feel free to connect up with me again!
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I just cleaned up my LJ a little bit. Removed some people I still had on as friends that haven't posted in a year or so. Also, if you previously went by a different LJ name/account, I have removed your now-unused account.
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One of my FB friends shared this and I thought it was amusing. I think parents might find it funny also (side effects):

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I'm not sending out Christmas cards this year -- I suppose I'm being lazy and/or grinch-like, but I'm just over it. I always send out roughly 200 cards and we receive maybe 30 if lucky. Just not spending the postage this year.

I still wanted to try to get some cute holiday pics of the animals, so I present you our purely digital holiday warm wishes:

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Costa Rica!

I’ll put the majority of the post behind a cut in case you aren’t interested (fair enough!).

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Have you seen the I need dis lol cat? If not, here it is:


I'm working on making one starring Menard.

Here's the first "I need dis":


I'm thinking I'll be able to finish it by the end of this week, lol.
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Below is one picture of Gracie that Claudia posted to Facebook a couple days ago. Nick sent me a text saying he thought it was really nice and she should charge as much as David Sutton does, lol!

[David Sutton is this professional photographer that has a studio near us in Illinois and is famous for pet photography. We went to him for a shoot a couple of years ago when he offered a Groupon; we never would have been able to afford his prices otherwise. Short story: Gracie decided she was terrified of the flash and he was able to get approximately 3 pictures of her before she totally shut down. On the other hand, we got one billion fantastic pictures of the cat. Honestly, I don't think it was him. I think our cat is just an awesome weirdo who is more motivated by food than a Labrador, lol.]

Sutton Studios

Price list for Sutton Studios

Menard was a Featured Photo (again, because the cat is awesome)

Anyway, I am meeting Claudia tomorrow for the rest of the photos. I believe she is giving me the files on a CD.

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Remember the photo shoot I posted about a little while ago? The one where she took 650 pictures, lol.

The photographer (Claudia) said it would take her at least a week to go through the pictures and edit them, choose the ones she likes best, etc. She hasn't finished yet (and with 650 pictures, I'm not surprised!), but I told her to take her time, no rush.

Well, since today is Valentine's Day, she sent me an email saying she hadn't finished editing all the pictures yet, but she wanted me to have this one today...she had brought these as a prop for Gracie herself:

I could NOT stop laughing!

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I just thought this was cute & funny:

One of my friends is pregnant with her 4th child. Her 2 oldest are boys, and her current youngest is a girl.

So today was her ultrasound where she found out the sex of the baby. She brought along her daughter to the appointment.

The new baby is a boy. The little girl started crying and told the doctor no -- take it out and put in a baby girl! I guess she had her heart set on a little sister. Hopefully she warms to the idea of a baby bro!


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